Xilinx Virtex-2 PRO FPGA ppc 405 on ML310 board

Aidan Williams aidan at nicta.com.au
Tue Apr 18 12:45:27 EST 2006

Vincent Winstead wrote:
> Now, as far as step 5, am I supposed to have a symbolic link that is 
> named linux-2.4.x placed into the uClinux-dist directory?  Because 
> there's already a folder named linux-2.4.x which was in there already 
> when I untarred everything.  At the command prompt in the uClinux-dist 
> directory I entered the following line:
> ln -s ../linuxppc-2.4 linux-2.4.x
> and the result of this operation was to put a symbolic link into my 
> linuxppc-2.4 directory with the name of linux-2.4.x  - is this correct?

First, you'll need to move the existing directory aside using
a command like:

    mv linux-2.4.x linux-2.4.x-dist

and then re-run the ln -s command above.

> Now on to Step 6 problem. 
>   How am I supposed to make use uClinux EDK Board Support Package 1.0 
> files?  I'm not sure how to go about using them in the Xilinx Platform 
> Studio in order to generate the necessary auto-config.in file. 

See the document below for the general approach:

>     Even though it is about the microblaze rather than
>     the PPC, a helpful "getting started" document is:
>     http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~wu/downloads/uClinux_ready_Microblaze_design.pdf

Look particularly at the section "Software Platform Settings"
on page 29, steps 67,68.

If you are not overly familiar with the EDK, it would
be best to find someone locally who can help walk you
through the process of generating a system.

- aidan

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