IIC troubles w/ ppc4xx (STB04)

Andre Draszik kernel at andred.net
Sun Apr 16 16:55:40 EST 2006

Eugene Surovegin wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 07:33:45AM +0200, Andre Draszik wrote:
>> I see :) So if that doesn't work, what is the preferred way of testing
>> for existence of a device in a kernel module? Should I just
>> unconditionally i2c_client_register() a static struct and then
>> i2c_master_send() to see if it works?
> There is no generic reliable way to detect that some i2c device exists 
> on the bus. Even if smbus_quick worked it cannot guarantee that 
> device you found is actually device you are expected - same i2c 
> address can be used by different devices.

I know, I really meant the linux side of this, i.e. if there was maybe
something I missed till now. But doesn't seem so ;)

> Frankly, I never saw this as a problem in embedded world, because 
> most of the time you have a custom built kernel for your particular 
> board or family of the boards, and you already know what devices might 
> be there, so just trying to access those devices from whatever 
> drivers and/or user-space applications you wrote is sufficient. In 
> fact, I never needed i2c "probing" in any of almost dozen different 
> embedded projects I wrote firmware/Linux board support for.

Sure, normally you know which devices are there. I am just playing
around with two boards I have here and am adding/removing parts as I
like ;) Therefore, for the moment, I wanted my driver to be as flexible
as possible, so I thought i'd use some probing and do it the preferred
way w/o hardcoding anything. At least that's what I thought the
preferred way to be...


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