Xilinx Virtex-2 PRO FPGA ppc 405 on ML310 board

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Thu Apr 13 07:50:54 EST 2006

On 4/12/06, Vincent Winstead <vwinstead at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Very Interesting.  Now I know what they were talking about on the sites that
> go through how to install the linux kernel onto the ML300.  because in those
> method  walk-throughs they show which options you should choose when doing a
> "make menuconfig" and there are specific ones regarding Xilinx but I never
> saw these when doing configurations of what you call mainline versions of
> the linux kernel.

>   So, when you say that the "The linuxppc-2.4 tree is
> special because it's one of the trees that actually has the ML300
> patches integrated", are you implying that you could put these patches into
> the system on your own if you wanted to?

Of course you can

>  You're not talking about the board
> support package are you?

As far as you can apply the concept of BSP to Linux; yes I am.  The
patches provide the code required to work on an ML300 ref design...
drivers and initialization code specifically


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