problem booting custom board

Joachim Denil joachim.denil at
Wed Apr 12 23:25:31 EST 2006

Dear list,
When booting linux (2.6.12) on a custom board with a ppc405gp processor i
run in to some problems. The board's got 64 mb SDRAM at 0x00000000. The
board is booted with a stripped version of ppc-boot (I added a
board_information structure with the right values and placed the address in
gpr3) witch is located in SRAM, and then jumps to 0x0000 where I placed my
raw binary image. 
I made a platform file where I call: ppc4xx_intit, ppc4xx_setup_arch,
ppc4xx_map_io, and a function ppc405_map_irq, but with an empty table (no
PCI devices). I set the link/load address at 0x0 (where I placed my image)
and didn't touch the virtual address of the kernel base. As kernelargs I
gave console=ttyS0,9600, and my rootfs is a busybox in an initramfs.
Still I don't get anything on the UART (checked both in just in case) so
there is definitely something wrong. I only have 1 day in the week to work
on that and I have access to a BDI2000 to debug this Friday, so that should
give me some insights to where it all goes wrong.
But can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? (or right just to give me some
hope after all ;) )
Thank you,
Joachim Denil
Student @ IWT-KDG Antwerpen Belgium
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