Watchdog on MPC82xx

Bastos Fernandez Alexandre ALEBAS at
Wed Apr 12 19:48:50 EST 2006

Hi list,

I am trying to use the on-chip watchdog timer in the MPC8248 to
recover from system hangs.

I have been following the guidelines from the changes I have found
from Compulab.

In u-boot, the watchdog is activated and works fine. The changes in
the kernel are, basically, assigning the ppd_md.heartbeat to a function
which resets the watchdog. This is supposed to start reseting the wdt
after ppc_md.setup_arch is invoked, but this is not working, and the
kernel keeps rebooting during startup.

I have tried to catch the point when this happens to force a WD service
sequence before that, but I had no success.

So, can anyone give me some guidelines for this job? I have seen from
freescale docs that MPC83xx watchdog may be the same than MPC82xx one.
So, could I use the same approach than used on MPC83xx boards?

Thanks in advance


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