question about Linux 2.6 with Xilinx ML-403

yding yding at
Wed Apr 12 12:11:06 EST 2006

Hi, Grant,

Thanks for the information.

I just checked out Linus's GIT tree from

Where is the location for Paul's GIT tree ? Just curious ...

Best Regards,
Ying Ding

Grant Likely wrote:

>On 4/7/06, yding <yding at> wrote:
>> HI, Grant,
>> I found this message :
>> on
>> It looks like you created some patch files for supporting Linux 2.6 with
>>Xilinx ML-403.
>>how can download the whole kernel source tree with your patched files (via
>>cvs or bitkeeper) ?
>I believe they are now in Linus' mainline git tree.  If not, they are
>in Paul's powerpc git tree.
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