Linux kernel for MPC834X platform

Stefan Meyer reyems at
Wed Apr 12 01:15:30 EST 2006

Hi Kumar
Thanks for the advice. I will rebuild for powerpc and report back.
B.t.w. what is the story behind the ppc and powerpc branches anyway ?


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> On Apr 11, 2006, at 5:30 AM, Stefan Meyer wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Pardon the intrusion if this is not the correct way to get the  
>> relevant information, but I am relatively new to kernel hacking.
>> Anyway here goes my question:
>> I am getting a Freescale MPC8343 based board up and running and  
>> have been using the BSP (with patched 2.6.11 kernel) release by  
>> Freescale with great success.
>> However when I tried to use the USB ISO transactions it seems to be  
>> non functional. I have connected a known good working codec (tested  
>> on my PC's usb) and tried to access it via the low level sound  
>> driver (/dev/dsp) but it only creates garbled noise.
>> In the meanwhile, I have noticed that the official kernel release  
>> 2.6.17 also start supporting the MPC834X platform and would rather  
>> like to persue that avenue to get my problems addressed (hopefully).
>> I have downloaded the latest 2.6.17 kernel and got it going  with  
>> the configuration for MPC834x_sys, with relation to booting and  
>> ethernet comms.
>> However there are clearly no provision in the USB driver for  
>> setting up the usb clocks and ports (which is of course MPC834x  
>> specific).
>> I have tried to hack it by inserting approriate code form the  
>> 2.6.11 freescale kernel but with very little success.
>> On inspection of the 2.6.11 kernel from Freescale I have also  
>> noticed that the USB core drivers were heavily modified around DMA  
>> buffer management, although the 2.6.17 had no such hacks in place.
>> My question simply relates to the status of the MPC834x  
>> implementation on the 2.6.17 kernel in so far that it is  
>> operational and being tested on hardware platforms. Could you  
>> please direct me to the persons(s) who have experience with this  
>> platform ?
> The USB support for MPC834x only exists if you build it for  
> ARCH=powerpc.  There is a patch on the list archives for adding  
> support to ARCH=ppc.  I don't know if there is any issue with ISO  
> transactions in those version, but they been shown to work with USB  
> ethernet and USB HD devices.
> - kumar

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