init issue on linux 2.4 devel and busybox

jean-francois.hasson at jean-francois.hasson at
Tue Apr 11 17:25:05 EST 2006


I have been working on porting linux 2.4 devel to the ml403 board. It boots
well and then it goes on the CompactFlash to get the root filesystem where
the executables are from busybox. The init program is found and launches
well however the message is that init.d/rcS can't be found. I have looked
up my inittab file and the first line is ::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS. I do
not understand why init can't find the rcS file when it seems correct in
inittab and I have checked that the file rcS is in /etc/init.d. Does anyone
have an idea as to what might be wrong ?


JF Hasson

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