Slab errors on 4xx (STB04)

Andre Draszik kernel at
Mon Apr 10 08:33:56 EST 2006


I am trying to use the "ppc-soc-ohci" driver on a redwood5 based board
w/ kernel 2.6.17-rc1. It's not really inspiring confidence, because I
get tons of messages similar to these

[  595.693614] slab error in cache_free_debugcheck(): cache `size-32':
double free, or memory outside object was overwritten
[  595.704278] Call Trace:
[  595.706683] [C056BE10] [C0009DD8] show_stack+0x58/0x194 (unreliable)
[  595.712967] [C056BE40] [C0009F2C] dump_stack+0x18/0x28
[  595.718028] [C056BE50] [C006103C] __slab_error+0x2c/0x3c
[  595.723265] [C056BE60] [C0062FF8] cache_free_debugcheck+0x23c/0x2e0
[  595.729427] [C056BE90] [C0063F64] kfree+0x8c/0x118
[  595.734152] [C056BEC0] [C68F46D0] usb_get_status+0x94/0xac [usbcore]
[  595.740718] [C056BEF0] [C68EEA44] choose_configuration+0x2c/0x1b8
[  595.747758] [C056BF10] [C68EECCC] usb_new_device+0xfc/0x1bc [usbcore]
[  595.754286] [C056BF30] [C68F0034] hub_port_connect_change+0x24c/0x3dc
[  595.761669] [C056BF60] [C68F0530] hub_events+0x36c/0x498 [usbcore]
[  595.767955] [C056BF90] [C68F066C] hub_thread+0x10/0xf0 [usbcore]
[  595.774073] [C056BFC0] [C0037CA0] kthread+0xbc/0xc4
[  595.778889] [C056BFF0] [C000525C] kernel_thread+0x44/0x60
[  595.784228] c0dec610: redzone 1:0x5a2cf071, redzone 2:0x170fc2a5.

when accessing devices.

Since it _seems_ to work nevertheless - is CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB known to be
broken on this platform? (Although such stack traces are only printed
when doing sth with the USB). Or is this caused by some other (memory
initialization?) error?


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