ppc 8260 ethernet driver fails to put port into promiscuous or mu lticast modes

Eyal Ofer-R55413 Ofer.Eyal at freescale.com
Sun Jan 30 16:50:33 EST 2005


1. the function in the ppc 8260 ethernet driver that's suppose to put the interface into promiscuous or multicast modes contains a 'return' statement immediately at the beginning. this prevents running an 8260-based system as a bridge for example. the 'return' statement is not indented, and there's no comment to explain it. it is unclear if it was forgotten there by the writer or whether it serves some functional role (improve performance for other modes of operations, cover up for untested code later, etc.). removing it does not seem to hurt the operation of the system though. unless there's a known use for this 'return', i would like to suggest the following patch (demonstrated here for 2.4.22):

--- fcc_enet.c.orig	Thu Jan 27 07:56:35 2005
+++ fcc_enet.c	Thu Jan 27 07:57:00 2005
@@ -1080,7 +1080,6 @@
 	cep = (struct fcc_enet_private *)dev->priv;
 	/* Get pointer to FCC area in parameter RAM.
 	ep = (fcc_enet_t *)dev->base_addr;

problem persists ever since the driver's introduction into the 2.4.0-test9-pre2 kernel and up to it's latest version in 2.6.10

path to problem:
early 2.4.x and all 2.6.x:
later 2.4.2x (at least 2.4.26 and on):

problem in function: set_multicast_list()

2. please CC me personally on answer as i'm not a subscriber on the lkml.

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