Serial console problem on MPC8272ADS board

ning ningmin at
Fri Jan 28 21:02:38 EST 2005


Thanks for your reply.

I added SCC4 to rs_table as following:
static struct serial_state rs_table[] = {
	/* UART CLK   PORT          IRQ      FLAGS  NUM */
	{ 0,     0, PROFF_SCC1, SIU_INT_SCC1,   0,   (0 |
NUM_IS_SCC) }, /* SCC1 ttyS0 */
	{ 0,     0, PROFF_SCC4, SIU_INT_SCC4,   0,   (3 |
NUM_IS_SCC) }, /* SCC4 ttyS1 */

ttyS0,ttyS1 work as COM port,but linux boot log only is
outputed at ttyS0,how can I redirect it at ttyS1?
After linux boots successfully,linux prompt will display
at ttyS1,and I use it normally.
(u-boot parameter: setenv bootargs root=/dev/nfs rw
rootfs: /dev/console --> ttyS1)

at \arch\ppc\boot\simple\m8260_tty.c,Even if I define
SCC_CONSOLE to 4,Linux boot log is outputed at ttyS0.
the following  comment is written at m8260_tty.c:

/* If defined, enables serial console.  The value (1
through 4) should designate which SCC is used, but this
isn't complete.  Only SCC1 is known to work at this time.

#define SCC_CONSOLE 4

Maybe it is true.

--- Vitaly Bordug <vvv75 at> からのメッセージ:
> Ning,
> Well, AFAIK the serial console on the second UART
> (and second UART on 
> SCC4 as well) haven't been included yet to the
> community tree. To be 
> sure you can take a look in the 8260_io/uart.c where
> in rs_table 
> structure second entry should be {0, 0, PROFF_SCC4
> ... Implementation is 
> not that hard, you need only make proper mentioned
> entry, enable 
> transceiver (BCSR+4), and program parallel port pins
> (take a look at 
> chapter 37 of MPC8272 reference manual, grep for
> SCC4).
> --
> Regards, Vitaly

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