Is there a DER for the MPC82xx?

Mark Chambers markc at
Thu Jan 27 07:33:52 EST 2005

From: "Dan Malek" <dan at>

> On Jan 26, 2005, at 10:53 AM, annamaya wrote:
> > Can someone tell me if the BDI will be able to catch
> > all different kinds of exceptions/interrupts on the
> > MPC82xx without requiring any special register
> > programming? I am unable to find anything that that
> > resembles the DER register on the MPC8280.
> The BDI2000 works very nicely on 82xx processors.
> The 82xx debug unit is the standard COP interface,
> completely different from the 8xx debug interface.
> Stop looking for a DER on the 82xx, plug in the
> BDI2000 and use it.  Make sure you understand all
> of the features of the BDI2000, as even on the 8xx
> you should not be worrying about the DER. Let the
> BDI2000 configure all of that accordingly based upon
> what you are asking it to do.

Well, the DER lets you look for multiple conditions at
once.  Your program is blowing up, the memory is
getting trashed and you don't even know if the hardware
is valid - that's where BDM really shines.  I don't see
where COP let's you do the equivalent of setting a
bunch of bits in the DER, so please enlighten us if
we're missing it!

Mark Chambers

P.S. I've read the BDI manual - I don't see it.  My manual
says the BDI can only set one hardware breakpoint, and
stuff like VECTOR CATCH assumes valid memory.  

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