Kernel 2.6.x to MPC8540/Microsys Board

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Sat Jan 15 01:43:47 EST 2005

> My questions are now:
>  Which is the best Kernel source tree to start porting 2.6.x to the 
> pm854
> platform? I would prefer to stuck with the official sources. Is that a
> good idea?

I would suggest 2.6.10 if you want an official kernel release.  Is this 
board generally available to people?  If so, and you want support for 
this board in the official kernel, send me your patches for review.  
I'll then push them up stream.

Be aware there are some infrastrucal changes I'm working on that moves 
the 85xx sub-arch support from using OCP to platform_device.  However, 
these have minor changes on the board files.

> Is it a good idea to just 'copy' the pm854 platform specific files (PCI
>   initialization and some MTD driver options) to the 2.6.10 tree and 
> see
>  how it works?

I would take a look at how 2.6 is structured for 85xx.  I tried to do a 
better job and provide more common code for a board port to leverage.  
So for something like PCI, you should hopefully just have to setup your 
memory map and IRQ routing.

> As there anybody who has already a working 2.6.10-something for MPC8540
> (well, non mpc8540ads).

I'm not aware of anyone else with another MPC8540 port, I know of other 
MPC8560's, and MPC8555/41 ports.

- kumar

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