RFC: [PATCH] platform device driver model support

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Thu Jan 13 10:30:32 EST 2005

Kumar Gala wrote:

>Please take a look at the following patch.  It adds driver model support 
>via platform devices to 85xx.  This is originally based on patches from 
>Jason M. 
>The idea behind the code is that for a give family: 4xx, 8xx, 82xx, 83xx, 
>85xx, 86xx we will have structure defns for the following:
>enum ppc_soc_devices 
>in asm-ppc/<family.h>:
>  list of all unique devices in the family
>struct platform_device soc_platform_devices[]
>in arch/ppc/platforms/<family>/<family>_devices.c:
>  describes all platform devices that exist in the family
>struct soc_spec soc_specs[]
>in arch/ppc/platforms/<family>/<family>_soc.c:
>  describes each unique chip in the family and what devices it has
>Plus the following functions:
>identify_soc_by_id() -- determine soc by an int id
>identify_soc_by_name() -- determin soc by name (useful in some 82xx cases)
>ppc_soc_get_pdata() -- get platform_data pointer so board code can modify
>ppc_soc_update_paddr() -- update iomem resources with a given paddr
>Please provide feedback, I want to get this into 2.6.11 for 85xx.

My $0.02.

I didn't go thru in complete detail but I like the idea.  I have a 
couple minor comments, though.

1) Can we pick something other than 'soc' since the Marvell bridges 
really aren't SOCs?  I don't really know what is better but just to 
throw something out, how about haing them all look like ppc_pd_xxx()?

2) In 8540_ads.c you're digging out platform_device entries and 
modifying them in your mpc8540ads_setup_arch() routine.  I think the 
platform_device "way" of doing that would be to make your mods via the 
platform_notify() hook (eventually called by device_add() which was 
ultimately called from platform_add_devices()).


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