FCC on 8560 ADS

Jose Almeida jalmeida at apes.fr
Tue Feb 22 21:41:52 EST 2005


I'm trying to get a linux 2.6 kernel up and running on an freescale 8560 
ADS board. I have every peace of this up and running apart from the FCC 

I've switched to the legacy mode, which now allow me to talk to the PHY 
and negocite properly @ 100BT FD.

But I don't seem to get any ethernet packet going out. The FCC 
controller does not seem to read the BDs, and all the packet's I'm 
placing in the BD just stay there for ever !

I'm wondering if you have a driver which works properlly ? I'm thinking 
on some wrong setup in the ioports, but is all seems to be correct !

I'm using a 2.6.9 kernel, but I also tryed other versions (2.6.11r4), 
with the same problems ...


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