Mounta Vista Linux prompt on serial console

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> Our target is somewhat like this. It has PPC8270, Flash and SDRAM. We
> are using the uboot for booting. Successfully built the linux kernel and
> Ramdisk images using devrocket. The problem is that the kernel and

Are you sure that your Linux kernel is configured to be booted by U-Boot?

> Ramdisk images although getting extracted successfully to 0M location of
> SDRAM from Flash with the help of uboot, the serial console says nothing
> except "uboot ist nicht tot..."

Funny. This message is neiter part of the standard U-Boot code nor of
the standard Linux kernel. Try to find out where this code is  coming

> 1. How do I know that the control was given to linux kernel?

Set a breakpoint at a low address like 0x000C. If the debugger  stops
there you are executing Linux kernel code.

Alternatively, enable DEBUG when building your U-Boot image (at least
when compiling file "common/cmd_bootm.c").

> 2. Is it that the linux kernel got the control but unable to put the
> prompt on the serial line? FYI.  I modified the inittab to reflect the
> console to come on the serial line.

Inittab has nothing to do with the kernel's startup messages. Is your
kernel configured correctly for using a serial console?

> 3. Is there any documentation which gives the detailed debugging of the
> linux kernel from the loading of kernel?

This is partially covered in the DULG, see

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