Mounta Vista Linux prompt on serial console

srinivas.surabhi at srinivas.surabhi at
Tue Feb 15 01:25:35 EST 2005

Our target is somewhat like this. It has PPC8270, Flash and SDRAM. We
are using the uboot for booting. Successfully built the linux kernel and
Ramdisk images using devrocket. The problem is that the kernel and
Ramdisk images although getting extracted successfully to 0M location of
SDRAM from Flash with the help of uboot, the serial console says nothing
except "uboot ist nicht tot..."

The command used is bootm "kernelImageLocation in Flash" "RAMdisk Image
in Flash"

i.e bootm 0xfe080000 0xff080000

1. How do I know that the control was given to linux kernel?

2. Is it that the linux kernel got the control but unable to put the
prompt on the serial line? FYI.  I modified the inittab to reflect the
console to come on the serial line.

3. Is there any documentation which gives the detailed debugging of the
linux kernel from the loading of kernel?


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