MPC5200 JTAG/BDM Flash Burning

Eric N. Johnson (ACD) ejohnson at
Thu Feb 10 06:31:35 EST 2005

I'm working on a custom MPC5200 board based heavily on the IceCube design 
from Motorola/Freescale.  We plan to use the u-boot bootloader.

I'm looking for a tool to allow us to burn u-boot into the flash memory on 
new board (with all flash devices unprogrammed).  Ideally, I'd like 
something like the Jflash-linux tool used with StrongARM linux, or a 
stand-along linux tool that lets us burn the memory.

Both the "MPCBDM" and "bdm4gdb" projects haven't been updated for 
years.  The BDM-Tools project is more active, but only seems to support 
68k/Coldfire processors.

The 5200lite "IceCube" demo board came with a Metrowerks "Wiretap" BDM 
interface, and a Green Hills "Slingshot" BDM module, but these seems to 
require a large (and expensive) windows based "Development environment" 
which is far more than we need.  Are there linux based drivers for either 
of these?

We may have to write our own JTAG based pin-wiggler, but this solution 
tends to be extremely slow.

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