u-boot Memec Evaluation Board

andreas_schmidt at ifm-electronic.com andreas_schmidt at ifm-electronic.com
Mon Apr 25 19:01:01 EST 2005

Hi at all

I'm new there and i try to port the u-boot to memec insight Evaluation Board.
My Configurations:
Memec Insight Evaluation Board with Virtex2Pro
P160 Communications Module

I want to imlement in the u-boot at first the Flash and then Ethernet at P160 Module.
And i want to communicate with u-boot at RS232 Interface.
I have placed xparameters.h in config/ml300.
What must i modify at ml300.h and perhaps other files to adjust the u-boot to my board?
Or perhaps have anyone a ready patch for the board?

I now treing to do something but i get allways errors at compile the u-boot.

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