2.6.11 kernel, PPC, and IPv6

Bellino, Phil pbellino at mrv.com
Mon Apr 18 23:20:39 EST 2005

I do not know if this email is appropriate for this mailing list, but I
thought I would give it a try.

Is there anyone out there who is using(or attempting to use) IPv6 with PPC
and a 2.6.11 kernel with whom I could email directly with some specific

One of my questions is at boot time, my eth0 device does not have it's
link-local address.  I must issue an "ifconfig eth0 down" and then an
"ifconfig eth0 up" to get this work work.

Also, it does not auto-configure the info for a link-global prefix/address
that is provided by the router announcements.

There are PCs in my network on i686 athlons, i386 running 2.6.5 kernels that
do in fact handle the above IPv6 correctly.

I do understand that there are IPv6 mailing list and I do belong to them,
but thus far no one has been able to assist me in these issues.

I apologize if this is not the correct forum for these types of questions.

Thank you,
Phil Bellino

Phil Bellino
MRV Communications, Inc.
Boston Product Division
295 Foster St.
Littleton,MA 01460
Tel: (978)952-4807
Email: pbellino at mrv.com

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