bdi2000 + mpc8560ads, very early breakpoints

Fahd Abidi fabidi at
Wed Apr 13 23:37:27 EST 2005

Try the suggestions pointed out in here:

This is based off suggestions from another customer. Let me know if this
works for you or not.


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Subject: bdi2000 + mpc8560ads, very early breakpoints

I'm running a bdi2000 (with mpc85xx-gdb f/w 1.03) with a mpc8560ads 
target, and I'm trying to set breakpoints early on in linux startup (in 
the head_e500.S code that sets up tlb's).   I'm setting the breakpoints 
from within the bdi telnet interface.

I can:
--succesfully hit a breakpoint set up to any instruction <= the address 
of the first 'tlbwe'.
--single step (with the bdi "TI" command) past that 'tlbwe' as far as 
I've cared to try

I cannot:
--hit a breakpoint once the first 'tlbwe' has executed.  If I attempt to

do so, linux startup doesn't proceed, I lose further communication with 
the target and the BDI claims "COP Freeze" and I have to reset the

Btw, the 'tlbwe' in question marks invalid the first tlb1 entry setup by

u-boot, which pointed at flash address space.  Code is running out of 
ram at this point.

I'm probably missing something very basic here.  Any ideas?


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