Unhandled relocation of type 11

Joshua Lamorie jpl at xiphos.ca
Fri Apr 8 00:20:56 EST 2005

Gidday there,

Thanks for the hint.  However I can't see any reference to -fPIC in the 
makefiles for ppcperflib.  One thing I have discovered though is that 
type 11 is defined in /usr/include/elf.h as R_PPC_ELF14.  This error 
happens twice, for __fixdfsi, and when I look for references to 
__fixdfsi, I find that there are two calls to...

    blt __fixdfsi

inside ppc_dtoui.S.  Looking at the PPC Ref Guide, I see that blt is a 
mnemonic for bc (branch conditional) and uses a relative offset of 14 
bits.  In the same function there is also a use of 'bl' (branch, long I 
think) calling the same __fixdfsi.  So I'm going to add a stupid line of 
assembly to conditionally jump over the branch to __fixdfsi... I hope 
that will work, but I haven't touched assembly since an 80286.


Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

>I'm not a linker expert but some time ago I got the gcc soft floating
>library working for 8xx and 4xx in kernel space. The problem was with
>PIC. Maybe your library is built with PIC and it's required without. You
>may want to have a look to:
>  ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/RTAI/contrib/fp_ppc_8xx.tar.bz2
>On 04/06/2005 11:18 PM Joshua Lamorie wrote:
>>Please excuse this cross-post, but I think it is of interest to both 
>>RTAI and Linux PPC folks.
>>I am making a kernel module (an RTAI task) that needs floating point 
>>support so I'm using IBMs perflib floating-point libraries (on a 
>>Virtex-II Pro, aka ppc405).
>>This is actually built from Matlab/simulink real-time workshop output (I 
>>can't use rtai-lab because I don't think lxrt is available for ppc)... 
>>so there end up being many object files to link.
>>So, in the end I have a linker command as follows.
>>powerpc-405-linux-gnu-ld -r -m elf32ppclinux -L/some/directories
>>matlab_root/rtw/c/libsrc/rt_zcfcn.o other.o inputs.o -o module_output.o
>>Then I go to insert the module and....
>>/var/shm # insmod test001_build_rtmodule.o
>>Warning: loading test001_build_rtmodule.o will taint the kernel: non-GPL 
>>license - Proprietary
>>  See http://www.tux.org/lkml/#export-tainted for information about 
>>tainted modules
>>test001_build_rtmodule.o: Unhandled relocation of type 11 for __fixdfsi
>>test001_build_rtmodule.o: Unhandled relocation of type 11 for __fixdfsi
>>Hrmm... so any ideas on what type 11 is?  I can see from the code in 
>>modutils that this value is inside rel->r_info, such as R_PPC_ADDR32 or 
>>But where do I get more info about where r_info gets assigned?  Do I 
>>need to link libppcfp.a in a particular way?
>>Any hints would be appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance.


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