Recommendations: Small Embedded PPC chip with FPU

Joshua Lamorie jpl at
Wed Apr 6 01:55:56 EST 2005

Gidday there,

I am looking for a new PowerPC for some controls applications and I was 
wondering if anyone on this list might make some recommendations.  I 
will be fabricating the board, so I'm just interested in the CPU.  
Currently I'm doing everything on a Virtex-II Pro (PPC 405).

I'm considering the MPC5200, but I would love to have something in a 
smaller package.

    - Linux support
    - PowerPC w >= 16k D,I Cache
    - FPU
    - Onboard memory controller (SDRAM or DDR)
    - >= 300 MHz
    - Industrial temperature (-40 to +85)
    - package size < 27mmx27mm
    - everything else is icing

Any suggestions welcome.

I'm sorry if this is somewhat off topic.



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