FCC Ethernet startup crash

Stefan Nickl Stefan.Nickl at kontron.com
Wed Apr 6 01:56:33 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 10:37 -0500, Rune Torgersen wrote:
> I've been running into the old problem of the kernel ip stack crasheing
> the kernel, because of early packets again.
> This has been mentioned on this list several times before, but the
> worarounds that used to work doesn't seem to work anymore.
> (like changing the order of things in ip_init())
> As far as I can tell, it is because the FCC enet drivers starts to
> receive packets way before the ip stack is initialized.
> Does anybody have any good ideas on how to fix this?

Maybe you want to try my version:


Or is it equal to your (no longer working) solution?

Stefan Nickl
Kontron Modular Computers

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