Platform bus/ppc sys model - [Fwd: bi_recs and u-boot ppcboot.h]

Stefan Roese sr at
Mon Apr 4 17:42:34 EST 2005

Hi Jon,

On Thursday 31 March 2005 14:36, Jon Masters wrote:

> ( basically, I've got ppcboot on an old CPCI405 here but it's not
> trivial to fix if I break it

The CPCI405 supports switching the boot-cs between its 2 flash chips with the
DIP-switch 4. You could copy the current ppcboot version into the 2nd flash
chip as a fallback (please test it once).

Please make sure to use the "CPCI405" U-Boot make-target and _not_ CPCI4052
for a revision 1.x board. To be sure what version of the board you have,
please take a look at the FPGA. If it's a Spartan 05 then it's a revision 1.x
board, if it's a Spartan 2 15 it's a revision 2.x board.

> and I don't know much about whether u-boot
> supports chaining in to a new u-boot loaded from within itself...but it
> probably does, I guess. Bah, it's late, I'm rambling...).

I am pretty sure that the current versions of U-Boot work without problems on
the CPCI405 boards (even revision 1.x).

Best regards,

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