Help on tuning the Linux kernel for soft real-time requiremen ts

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Fri Oct 22 08:34:04 EST 2004

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> Gerald, you may be right about this. Although I still don't know which of
> the threads in our system cause the serial resource contention, I

Check the console driver first.

> BTW, are you guys aware of any tool that could help me debug the threads
> that would concurrently try to access shared resources?
> Do you think LTT would be helpful for this particular problem (serial driver

LTT is certaily useful; but be aware that it may generate a  of  data
in  short  time,  which then needs a lot of work to really understand
what's going on ;-)

> contention that leads to missing soft real-time deadlines)?

I'm not exaclty sure I really understand what  you  are  asking  for.
Isn't  sometimes  missing  the  deadlines what the "soft" is standing
for? ;-)

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