Help on tuning the Linux kernel for soft real-time requiremen ts

Zajac Adam-AAZ004 Adam.Zajac at
Fri Oct 22 07:55:13 EST 2004

Gerald, Eugene,

Thanks a bunch for your inputs.
I've done a lot of different experiments that included using different
storage media and the problem has been narrowed down to a serial driver

>I would be suspicious that one of your drivers is blocking interrupts
>for long durations, your mass storage driver in particular, although
>serial consoles are also known for rude behavior as well.
Gerald, you may be right about this. Although I still don't know which of
the threads in our system cause the serial resource contention, I
temporarily alleviated the problem with limiting the messages that are being
printed out to the screen.

BTW, are you guys aware of any tool that could help me debug the threads
that would concurrently try to access shared resources?
Do you think LTT would be helpful for this particular problem (serial driver
contention that leads to missing soft real-time deadlines)?


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