Meaning of BSP and LSP

Sam Song samlinuxppc at
Thu Oct 14 19:27:39 EST 2004

Marius Groeger <mgroeger at> wrote:

> From what I know, the term BSP was coined as an
> acronym for "Board Support Package" in pre-Linux 
> days. To me it is most familiar in 

So that day the meaning of BSP was clear enough.

> "LSP" is a term introduced by MontaVista, AFAIR, so
> maybe one of the MV folks on this list wants to 
> elaborate on this?

I also got the term "LSP" from MV. 
> Bottom line: BSP is an OS/Vendor specific term to
> capture the software components related to a 
> specific board. It is a useful handle in 
> project discussions, provided that all participants
> use the same notion.

See what's EP view on "BSP".

It seems that BSP > = LSP.

Just as Wolfgang said, the meaning  varys in different
vendors. But at least "LSP" by MV doesn't include
hardware scheme and boot loader code, I think.

"LSP" is a special term defined by MV. So just to
follow the meaning as MV does.

Thanks for your nice comment on this topic.

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