Booting Linux using a PlanetCore BootLoader

annamaya annamaya at
Tue Oct 12 04:38:28 EST 2004

Oops! Thanks for pointing that blooper. I am so used
to dealing with the U-Boot header of 64 bytes that I
misread the ELF header size as 64 bytes instead of 64

Anyways, it looks like I am much farther that I have
ever been before. Now, I see that the PC is stuck at
some address that I am not sure what to make off. Is
this before the MMU has been turned on? Also, it looks
like my BDI is not showing the "Debug entry cause"

    Target CPU        : MPC8280/8220/5200 (Zeppo)
    Target state      : debug mode
    Debug entry cause : <reserved 0>
    Current PC        : 0x00401890
    Current CR        : 0x20002024
    Current MSR       : 0x00002040
    Current LR        : 0x0040084c

I am not sure how I can map this address to some
address in the kernel. Could this be due to the
unavailability of bdinfo? Do I have to put in support
in the kernel to pass bdinfo? Thanks much.

--- Tom Rini <trini at> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 10:50:54AM -0700, annamaya
> wrote:
> > I loaded a zImage into address 0x100000 in RAM and
> > verified that this was indeed an ELF file. I then
> said
> > "go 0x100040" which would start executing the code
> > after skipping the 64 bytes of ELF header. But
> this is
> > what I see happen. 
> It's 64Kilobytes, so you'd want 0x00110000.  You
> also might be loading
> yourself a bit too low.  The default link address is
> (assuming this is
> 2.4 and I'm still recalling right) 0x00200000, so
> you might as well load
> things there.
> -- 
> Tom Rini

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