problems with NFS root for ADS860

m.venkatraj at m.venkatraj at
Thu Mar 11 19:20:16 EST 2004

Hello Wolfgang,

> Instead of seaching the web a simple local lookup would have done:
> -> grep 101 /usr/include/*/errno.h
> /usr/include/asm/errno.h:#define        ENETUNREACH     101
>   /* Network is unreachable */
> "Network is unreachable". Does that ring a bell?

Thanks a lot!
Coming to think of it, my box and the NFS server are not on the same subnet.
Could this be an issue?

The box has IP, whereas the server is But then
I am specifying the net mask as, also tried
Neither helped.

The box IS able to read from the network, because u-boot picks up the kernel
image via tftp from the same server. I am clueless....

Thanks a ton for helping me thru.


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