problems with NFS root for ADS860

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 11 19:10:58 EST 2004

Dear Venkat,

in message <301A812E6528D511A8F70008C71E578601FCF557 at> you wrote:
> When the kernel tries NFS mount of the root file system, error 101 results,
> followed by a message
> I verified with various sources on the net that the bootargs that I was
> passing was in the correct format. Google led me to a lot of posts with the
> same problem, but no leads.. Since I am relatively new around here, looking
> up the kernel sources for the error 101 didn't lead me anywheer

Instead of seaching the web a simple local lookup would have done:

-> grep 101 /usr/include/*/errno.h
/usr/include/asm/errno.h:#define        ENETUNREACH     101     /* Network is unreachable */

"Network is unreachable". Does that ring a bell?

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