Marvell DB64360

Mark A. Greer mgreer at
Thu Mar 11 03:28:11 EST 2004

Ing.Gianfranco Morandi (LAN) wrote:

>I'm evaluating a new development based on PPC750FX and I would like to check
>if there is some porting on the ELDK 3.0 package.
I'll defer to Wolfgang on this one.

>I have also verified what development board could be the best candidate to
>be used as starting point and It seems to be the Marvell DB64360.
>Did anybody work on such board?
>Could anybody suggest me if there is some better reference point?
There are several emails regarding this in the archives but basically,
right now the linux_2_4_galileo tree on is the only
tree that I know of with 64360 support publicly available.  Note that
this is an old, dead tree.

I'm currently working on a merged pkg (64260/360/460) for the 2.6 tree
but its not ready.  I don't know if it will be worth back porting to 2.4
b/c that tree is pretty much locked down.


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