Linux 2.6 on MPC5200. Early problems + 2.4 questions

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Sat Mar 6 04:01:59 EST 2004

I've got some updates on my problem.

Apparently it's not blocking at the cache activation. I just thought so
because apparently the 0xf000000 address is not mapped with the
not-cacheable flag and so the stw I used to power up/down the led on the
gpio was just waiting in the cache ...

My questions currently are :
 - Apparently 0xf0000000 is mapped to somewhere ( the MBAR ) but I don't
see where it's done ... And how do I tell it that it's IO and should not
be cached. Apparently on 2.4 it works but I don't see where is the piece
of code that just does that ...
 - The MPC5200 has 8 BAT, so shouldn't the CPU_FTR_HAS_HIGH_BATS feature
flag be set in the cputable.c of the 2.4 ? And also cfr my post on the
dev list about the code that clears those BAT. I thinks the wrong
register is used in head.S

Sylvain Munaut

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