Linux 2.6 on MPC5200. First port attempt ... Early problems ;(

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Fri Mar 5 23:02:44 EST 2004


I'd like to run a 2.6 on a MPC5200 based board. Even if at first I'll
only use a 2.4 in production, I figured that the sooner I start to test
2.6, the sooner I'll be able to use it with enough stability. So I
started to tweak the 2.6.3 tree to make it boot on my LITE5200.

So, I've written/ported/copied some code for the console, the early
serial debug, ..., added the MPC to cputable.c and modified the
Kconfig/Makefile to build theses.
So far I don't seen anything on the serial console and  apparently, the
call the setup_common_caches ( in the cpu_setup_6xx.S ), never returns.
But the code is an exact copy of the 2.4 version ...

The method I use to trace where the execution goes or not is through the
leds connected to the GPIOs. From what I understood, the MBAR (
0xf0000000 ) is always mapped so I can trace with MMU on or off.

Anyone could give me a clue ?

Sylvain Munaut

PS: I'm not an expert in PPC arch. However, I've done such a port ( 2.4
-> 2.6 ) for an ARM architecture, so I'm not completly new to this
either ( even if ARM and PPC are little alike ... )

PS2: Sorry if it's a duplicate, I just had problems with my mail server
queue and don't know wich mail were 'lost'. After waiting 2h to see it
appear on the list and still nothing, I supposed the first one was lost.

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