Kernel hangs in early_init

Stephen Williams 612dlag102 at
Thu Mar 4 07:16:03 EST 2004

Andrei Konovalov |PPC Linux Embedded| wrote:
> Stephen Williams wrote:

>> Humm... The MMU comment makes me think. U-Boot is running with the
>> MMU off. The head_4xx.S entry code sets up a temporary MMU mapping
>> that includes the linked kernel address space, but that is only 32meg.
>> The stack at the time is still where U-Boot left it, near the end of
>> the 128Meg memory. Is this something I should address (pardon the pun)?
> Just a suggestion. Check that the whole data cache is invalidated.
> The kernel often relies on the bootloader to initialize dcache properly.
> And there is a chance that the bootloader was written for 405GP, but
> 405GPr's data cache is two times bigger.


I am using U-Boot, and in my JSE.h I had mis-set the CFG_DCACHE_SIZE
to 8K, as it was copied from another config file that I used as a
starting point. U-Boot does some cache management, but obviously
made a mess when it was told the wrong thing:-)

I set it properly, and I'm farther along.
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