early return set_multicast

Jaap-Jan Boor jjboor at aimsys.nl
Thu Mar 4 03:09:08 EST 2004


does somebody know why there is an early return;
statement in the set_multicast_list() function
of 8260_io/fcc_enet.c (or cpm2_io/fcc_enet.c)?

static void
set_multicast_list(struct net_device *dev)
        struct  fcc_enet_private *cep;
        struct  dev_mc_list *dmi;
        u_char  *mcptr, *tdptr;
        volatile fcc_enet_t *ep;
        int     i, j;

        cep = (struct fcc_enet_private *)dev->priv;

        /* Get pointer to FCC area in parameter RAM.
        ep = (fcc_enet_t *)dev->base_addr;

        if (dev->flags&IFF_PROMISC) {



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