Linux on MPC5200 - LITE5200EVAL & New bestcomm code ?

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Wed Mar 3 18:34:36 EST 2004

Hi every one.

A little update on my problems. Apparently the problem was the u-boot
command I used to boot :

I used :
     tftp 100000 mpc5200/uImage; tftp 300000 mpc5200/pRamdisk;bootm
100000 300000

And now I use :
     tftp 200000 mpc5200/uImage; tftp 400000 mpc5200/pRamdisk;bootm
200000 400000

and it works just fine ... Apparently when the kernel was too big, the
area near 100000 is probably used by u-boot in some way, maybe during
decompression and it doesnt work. I've check with multiple different
memory tests that the concerned memory region is fine. So it is a
software issue. Maybe u-boot should give some warning about that ( if
it's the cause, not yet sure ). But that's off topic here.

Now, I'm just looking forward for new BestComm code, to get AC97 and IDE
DMA running ( quite slow and CPU intensive right now ... ).

Sylvain Munaut

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