ml300 system init very slow

Peter Ryser Peter.Ryser at
Wed Mar 3 08:44:15 EST 2004


make sure you don't have a mismatch between
arch/ppc/platforms/xilinx_ocp/xparameters_ml300.h and your system.mhs
especially when looking at the interrupt signals and defines. If you
made changes to xparameters_ml300.h you might want to rebuild the kernel
$ make clean dep bzImage modules.

Besides that I assume that you use a recent kernel (eg. the one in
MVL3.1) and EDK (vs. V2PDK) as a development tool kit.

- Peter

Lou Rickard wrote:

>And as the kernel boots, it loads an improved serial
>module stored on the root filesystem, which works
>fine?  Would that explain why it works fine with
>module support turned on, but doesn't work well with
>module support turned off (and hence stuck using the
>serial module that is built into the kernel)?
>--- "VanBaren, Gerald (AGRE)"
><Gerald.VanBaren at> wrote:
>>Just in case nobody answered yet (I didn't see an
>>answer), the problem 99.9999% certainty is that your
>>serial interrupts are not interrupting so the kernel
>>is polling for serial I/O.  This is a fallback
>>operation with REALLY LONG timeouts.  The symptoms
>>are REALLY SLOW console interaction == your
>>symptoms.  Your follow-up message indicates the
>>problem is in your serial driver module.

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