more questions about 8xx microcode patches

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> > Hahahahaha!!!!  You don't know how big of a hole you are digging :-)
> oh, fer shure.  :-)  but given that there are three clear and
> identifiable patches that exist at the moment, i'll put together a
> patch that turns them into a submenu and submit it, and you can decide
> what to do with it.  i'll make sure that the submission doesn't change
> any of the current functionality, just makes it easier to pick what
> you want.

Just to add to the complexity: are you aware that the  parameter  RAM
relocation  may  be  different between 8xx processors? For example it
seems that on the 866 family  you  can  relocate  PRAM  even  without
loading any uCode by just writing the correct offset to (for example)
the spi_rpbase register.

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