can the 8xx patch configuration be made more comprehensible?

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Wed Jul 21 22:59:16 EST 2004

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>    does it really have to be this painful?  a number of simple
> questions:
> * how many patches are there?

There are least 3 that are relevant here:

- MPC850 microcode patch for relocating I2C/SPI parameters.
- MPC860 microcode patch for relocating I2C/SPI parameters
  (to be used with MPC823, MPC855, ... as well; yes, here the
  823 is NOT in the same group as the 850)
- MPC823 (and 850?) patch for automatic USB start-of-frame (SOF)
  token generation

> * which ones can be selected independently from the others?  and can
>    they be made separate selections in the config menu?  (does it even
>    make sense to select only some of the possible patches?)

Depending on the  processor  model  and  requirements  you  may  need
patches 1, 1+3, 2, 2+3, or 3.

> * and can they be documented so the builder knows what the purpose of
>    the patch is?

They can (like in our CVS tree :-)

> * and can the SMC patch be moved out of the source file and made a
>    config-time selection along with the others (might be difficult
>    given the necessity of editing the uart driver file).

Of course this can be done.

> anyway, you get the idea.

How about submitting a patch?

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