list of 2.6-related migration issues for embedded programmers?

Linh Dang linhd at
Wed Jul 21 02:07:28 EST 2004

On 20 Jul 2004, wd at wrote:

> In message <wn5vfgi9arw.fsf at> you wrote:
>> But you don't have to. What ever you can do with the good-old
>> initrd image you can do with the new initramfs (really cpio
>> archive) image. The main difference is the creation: genext2fs vs
>> cpio.
> How do I populate a initramfs with custom device nodes?  Without
> having root permission, I mean.

You have a point here, I guess with initramfs you have to:

 - use devfs (which was deprecated in 2.6)
 - use udev
 - grok-sysfs-yourself (which is pretty easy)

> And how can I tell a Linux kernel where to find the initramfs data
> when they are not linked together?

Well, the same way as with the good old-initrd. the initramfs root-fs
IS an INITRD in compressed-cpio format (instead of fs format such as

me think I'm still missing something about initrd.



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