list of 2.6-related migration issues for embedded programmers?

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Tue Jul 20 23:42:16 EST 2004

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> But you don't have to. What ever you can do with the good-old initrd
> image you can do with the new initramfs (really cpio archive)
> image. The main difference is the creation: genext2fs vs cpio.

How do I populate a  initramfs  with  custom  device  nodes?  Without
having root permission, I mean.

And how can I tell a Linux kernel where to find  the  initramfs  data
when they are not linked together?

> I just happen to use zImage.initrd (where ramdisk.image.gz is a cpio
> archive) in our project because it's the most appropriate for our
> situation.

That's OK. Other projects may have different requirements, though.

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