DS1340 RTC (i2c device)

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jul 19 18:37:47 EST 2004

In message <OFBE3E7E82.C477AD44-ONC1256ED6.0024E631 at axxessit.no> you wrote:
> Does anyone have any good suggestions about how to handle an i2c RTC
> device, as f.e. the Maxim ds1340 ?

Sorry, can't help here.

> The question is whether the i2c driver is already in place by the time
> these functions are called, so that I can register a driver for the
> ds1340. Has anyone done something like that ?

I2C based RTCs have been in use for a long time.  Just  register  the
RTC functions when the I2C driver comes up.

And make sure to disable the 11 minute  mode  or  you  may  run  into
problems  (you'll  know what I mean when your system crashes after 11
minutes). See the list archive for details.

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