Your valuable Suggestions / Advise for Beginners in Device Driver Development under Embedded Linux P

Mark Chambers markc at
Mon Jul 12 23:51:59 EST 2004


> I have been assigned some project based in Device
> Driver Development for USB, Printers, IDE, Ethernet
> under Embedded Linux.  Since I am a beginner in this
> area, I would like to know some details based on the
> following clarifications.
> etc. etc.

I would recommend two good books, both available from
"Understanding the Linux Kernel" and "Linux Device Drivers".  You are also
going to need and do a lot of on-line research!  If you are new
to linux completely, I would recommend playing with programming on a Linux
PC first, and only going to an embedded environment when you are comfortable
with the PC.

Good luck,
Mark Chambers

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