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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jul 8 08:53:15 EST 2004

In message <20685-04823 at sneakemail.com> you wrote:
> Indeed, I really only want 3 or 4 rpms (glibc, e2fsprogs, maybe
> a few others) and a few rpms of my own.
> It would be ideal to be able to do something like:
>     rpm --root=/mnt/flash --initdb
>     rpm --root=/mnt/flash -ivh glibc-common-X.ppc.rpm
>     rpm --root=/mnt/flash -ivh e2fsprogs-X.ppc.rpm
>     rpm --root=/mnt/flash -ivh my-jse-initscripts-X.ppc.rpm

You don't really want to do that. The standard RPM's include a lot of
stuff that are just a waste of resources on  the  embedded  system  -
things  like  man  pages, info pages, debug and profiling versions of
the system libraries etc. You will just waste tens and tens of  mega-
bytes in your root filesystem.

If you need package management on the target,  the  RPM  is  not  the
right  tool.  And if you really want to use RPM, then you must create
customized RPMs first.

> and so on. (As an aside, I may be wanting to allow for
> running rpm on the target device itself to update in the
> field. Getting fancy, eh?)

I think there are leaner and better ways to do this than  using  RPM.
While  technically  possible,  it  is  most  probably not the optimal
solution for your problem.

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