PRoblem with VirtexII Pro: maybe the toolchain?

Andrei Konovalov akonovalov at
Thu Jul 8 02:44:38 EST 2004

Hi Roberto,

The definitely wrong thing I can see in your log is the wrong
RAM size. I can't give you more help without knowing what
kernel tree you are working with, how you configured the
kernel, and how you load the kernel (do you use System ACE,
BDI2000; has your board a bootloader like uboot etc.).

To my knowledge, there is no Memec 2VP7 board support in
the linuxppc-2.4 and linuxppc-2.5 trees.
If you were using ML300 platform as the base for your development,
I would expect the console output to look similar to:

   loaded at: 00400000 004931D0
   avail ram: 00494000 02000000

"loaded at:     00800000" in your log instead of "loaded at: 00400000"
could indicate wrong kernel configuration. But, again, the main point is
that the last line should look like "avail ram: ???????? 02000000" reflecting
that 2VP7 board has 32MB (0x2000000 bytes) of SDRAM.

Best regards,

Roberto Farina wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm currently trying to make Linux booting on my Memec XC2VP7 board that
> holds a Xilinx V2Pro device.
> I'm using gcc version 3.3.2 for ppc405 compiled with crosstool (thx D.
> Kegel) ;)
> This toolchain makes me succeded in compiling the kernel; downloading it
> with xilinx tools brings this output to the serial console
> loaded at:     00800000 008561C8
> board data at: 00085EB4 00085EEC
> relocated to:  00805308 00805340
> zimage at:     00805833 00852A7C
> avail ram:     00857000 4D046405
> Linux/PPC load:
> Uncompressing Linux...done.
> Now booting the kernel
> At this point the system hangs...
> I'm still trying to figure out where the system stops or what's
> happening: I'll give more detail when I'll find them :(
> I'm sorry for the poor info I can give you at this point.
> I tried to compile the same kernel with the Xilinx toolchain (gcc
> 2.95.3) but many linking steps require some file that must be copied
> from the Xilinx EDK prj: after copying them I face lots of multiple
> definition problems... I stopped this investigation for now.
> Did anyone experienced the same problems (or knows about a possible
> reason for this kind of hangs?)
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Best regards
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