BDI kernel debug

Fahd Abidi fabidi at
Wed Jul 7 21:42:19 EST 2004


Please look online at the Ultimate Solutions website, I documented this
issue a little while ago, Wolfgang made
the right suggestion, using BDI_CONFIG_SWITCH will cure this problem.


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Subject: BDI kernel debug

i have some problems with debugging my kernel. This is the first time i
use bdi for kernel debugging. ELDK 3.0 is my toolchain (Target 8270). My
bdi2000 can sync with the gdb (ddd) debugger. I let the kernel run until
"start_here", at example. Then i try to step through the source. I see
the source and i can step in it. Sometimes it happens that i spend a lot
of time in linux/kernel/timer.c. Then the output of gdb is "
(gdb) next
 Single stepping until exit from function __cli,
 which has no line number information.

 Program received signal SIGSTOP, Stopped (signal).
 0xc0007dec in __cli ()"

The same output with "step". "Cont" ends also there, although i had set
a breakpoint later in the source.

Are there some options in the kernel or in the gdb to set ?

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