vunnam.rao at wipro.com vunnam.rao at wipro.com
Wed Jul 7 17:03:20 EST 2004

Hi Gurus,

We have developed a QMC driver for MPC860P and the TX is working fine.
We are getting interrupts for Tx, But, the RX we are not yet all getting
any interrupt.

I am using the functionality for providing GCI(2 bits/D-channel, and a
total of 8 such channels) support through SCC3 port of the MPC860P. The
configuration of TSA Ram, and QMC Global/Specific parameters have been
correctly done. Though I receive TX interrupts, I am not able to receive
any RX Interrupts. This is strange because I can even see incoming
physical data on the Rx port through a Logic Analyzer.

I do not get any data in the receive buffers at all. The QMC
initialization has been done in line with the example code provided from
Motorola at:

I tried with loopback, but to no success.
The basic doubt here is do we need any microcode for QMC on MPC860P.

Thanks in advance!!!

Best regards,


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