gdb and NPTL

Linh Dang linhd at
Tue Jul 6 13:06:28 EST 2004

On 5 Jul 2004, dwmw2 at wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 11:10 -0400, Linh Dang wrote:
>> We're migrating out target (proprietary ppc-7447/discovery based
>> board) from VxWorks to 2.6.7 and NPTL. Building/running
>> multi-threaded applications is fine but gdb (6.1,6.1.1,cvs) doesn't
>> work.
> You are saying this in reply to Stefan's mail about a hardware
> lockup.
> Please could you elaborate on why you think they're related.

I must have pressed the wrong key ('f' instead of 'a'). I'd like to
apologize if I offended/annoyed anyone on the list.

I'd like to re-ask my question thought. Anyone managed to get
gdbserver work with NPTL?


Linh Dang

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