Netconsole on 8260

Rune Torgersen runet at
Sat Jul 3 01:43:11 EST 2004

As far as I could see, the only thing needed to support the netpoll API
was to add a poll function that would call the interrupt driver. I did
that. Console does not get dumped to ethertnet

According to wat gets printed, netconsole  init aborts when it does not
find a ethernet device.
This is way later thatn parameter initialization, but still before FCC's
are initialized (see kernel dump from original post), last line before I
cut out some text says:

netconsole: eth1 doesn't exist, aborting.

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> From: Tom Rini [mailto:trini at]
> > Anybody know how to delay the startup of the netconsole driver to
> > after FCC ethernets are up?
> AFAIK, the cpm2 enet drivers do not support the NETPOLL API,
> so netconsole will not work yet.  But the early initalization
> of netconsole is fine, that's just setting up the params.
> Once ethernet comes up, the console gets dumped out.

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